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Family Ministry

All of us are part of a family. There are a lot of things it means to be part of a family, and often those things are complicated, frustrating, saddening, or hurtful. We believe that all of us –each one without exception– is part of God’s family.

“Since the beginning, God has been at work in the world. God has been speaking, commanding, freeing, promising, calling, mending, and shaping the trajectory of the creation and its creatures. No person, place, or situation is beyond the scope of God’s attention or the reach of God’s power and love.” 


At Trinity, we take seriously the belief that every human – without exception– matters to God and is claimed as part of God’s family. 


We embody this throughout the ministries of Family Life at Trinity. Through worship, programs, events, and service, we create and hold space for the holistic development of families in all their shapes, sizes, and formations. 


Our staff and volunteers are continuously seeking opportunities to connect, build community, find support, share with one another, break bread together, and develop as families navigating the world in our unique and shared ways. In short, to answer God’s constant invitation of a new way of seeing, hearing, living, and being with each other just as we are. 


We invite you to learn more about Family Life at Trinity through the pages below as you join us in staying curious about who God is and how God is working in our world. 


"I love the opportunities Trinity English Family Ministries has for us to grow together in our relationship with God, our church community, and as a family. My 9-year-old twins are excited on Sunday mornings to go to Waffle Church and Sunday School. These programs offer an experience that makes church more interactive and meaningful for them. We’ve gotten to connect with church members, new visitors, and other families by sitting together over waffles and talking, and growing more genuine relationships. We’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to enhance those relationships with other parents while the kids are in Sunday School at the Parent and Caregivers Connect and at the recent Night Out. I love that our kids are making new friends who they will enjoy growing up with at Trinity."

Cathy Waggoner

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