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Baptism Request

Whether by birth or by adoption, one of the most exciting events in our lives is a child entering the family. Whether it is your first or last child or one in-between, as Christians we look upon the gift of life as coming from God. It is a wonderful gift!

As a parent, you have the unique privilege of accompanying your child on a lifelong journey of faith. One of the first things parents need to decide is when to baptize their child. Lutherans baptize infants because of our understanding of baptism as a gift of grace from God, not something we earn or choose. Lutherans baptize infants, children, teens, or adults as the starting point of a life lived in faith.

Once you determine that you wish to have your child receive the amazing gift of baptism, there are several things you will need to do:


Through time in conversation and learning, families will learn more about God's amazing promises and gifts shared with us as God makes us God's own children through Holy Baptism. Pastor Erdos will meet with you for Pre-Baptismal Instruction at any time that is mutually convenient. Contact Pastor Erdos to set up a time.


The Sacrament of Holy Baptism takes place during a worship service. We have regularly scheduled Baptism Festivals throughout the year.


At one time Godparents or sponsors (we use those terms interchangeably) were the persons or family that would receive the child if anything was to happen to the parents, but now it is all about who can be there for your child to help him or her grow emotionally or spiritually. Parents may serve as sponsor for their child if they desire. 

As a pastoral staff, we are here to meet your needs and deal pastorally with your concerns. Please don't hesitate to be in touch with us for assistance. Our prayer for you is that this may be an important and memorable day for you and your family as we share together in this Sacrament.

God bless you and the expected or new member of your family. May God in mercy and grace keep us all faithful to our baptismal promises, as God is faithful in keeping God's promises to us.

Baptism Request Form

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