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Caregiver's Night Out

Trinity is happy to announce our latest volunteer campaign, and we want you to be a part of it. We believe that everyone has unique talents and interests that can contribute to making a positive impact in our community. To simplify the process of getting involved, we are introducing the Interest Indicator form – a simple form designed to match your gifts and talents with Trinity’s volunteer opportunities. The form will be made available through the bulletins and on Trinity’s website under “Connect” and then choose “Latest News.” This form allows you to highlight your skills, interests, and the areas you are most passionate about. This week’s volunteer highlight: Caregiver’s Night Out.

Family Ministries offers various options for the young members of our congregation, including Caregivers Night Out. As parents Sarah and Matt Snyder expressed, "Most recently, we had the chance to volunteer at the Parents Night Out Event. This event is just as it says, the parents go out and we entertain your kiddos. We enjoyed this event and appreciated that all the materials were readily available. A timeline was put into place and we didn’t have to try to 'figure it out.' That’s one of the blessings about volunteering, there’s a point person to assist with any hiccups."

During Caregivers Night Out, parents or caregivers can drop off their children once a month for an evening of fun while they enjoy a night out on the town. Alternatively, we host family nights where adults can stay and participate in the activities. We provide dinner and organize themed programming for the evening, ensuring that all necessary materials and a structured timeline are readily available to volunteers and participants. However, to ensure the continued success of these events, we need more volunteers to lend a hand and contribute to creating memorable experiences for the young members of our church community. Your support as a volunteer would greatly enhance our ability to serve our congregation effectively. 

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