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Acts of Mercy: Visit the Sick

Updated: Feb 21

In the Gospels, Jesus’s ministry begins with the healing of the sick. Over the past two thousand years, this sort of work has been one of the hallmarks of Christian mission and ministry.

While sickness and injury may keep people from being part of a church community, we know that loneliness is the biggest challenge to health and well-being for the hospitalized and homebound. It takes so little time to make a big impression on someone’s daily life. Pastor Jeremy Russell will happily deliver messages, drawings, and postcards to the people he visits. You and your family may want to write a note or draw a picture for him to share with those who can’t join the regular worship services in person, and bring those on Sunday, February 25 (or before).Nothing feels as good as being remembered. 

Dear God, help me remember the many people whose lives are defined by sickness of body, mind, or spirit. Allow me the commitment to prayer for those in need and even an action of gracefulness – a card, a prayer, a visit – toward those who are ill. With hopefulness in your power of healing. Amen.

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